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Project: Moon is an upcoming Indie title from UnderwaterLabs, it is set in unknown future, and is taking place on the moon, or.. rather under the moon as there are tons of tunnels and underground labs made by privately funded science team that once was there...

But it's not just a game, it's not just an arcade, quest or puzzle, it is a movie class story, a mindblowing chain of events, that will keep you playing. Check back again as we will have more and more info to show.

You play as a compact spaceship, as in one very old game, you control every engine separately. Bottom engine pushes you up, left engine pushes you right, and right engine pushes you left. That and some physics, makes it all fun (That also means it is meant to be played with controller)! Your goal is overcome obstacles to find special OSR landing devices as you follow the story.
Release date:
When are we planning to release? when it's ready. When it will be ready? First Episode - February 2013
Steam, Android, iOS, Ouya and Mac
By Underwater Labs - a two person indie mini-company!