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So what are we up to?

UnderwaterApps (or formerly UnderwaterLabs) is a company of a strong willpower and talent. We build and try different things, apps and games for mobile phones. While we are currently focused on Android platform, this is definetley not the limit. With 500k DAU we are rapidly growing as a team. Profitable and completely self funded we strive to make best games possible, and grow beyond imagination.

Children Games:

  • Balloon Boom for kids

  • Heart Reactions

  • Happy Clouds

  • Kids Toy Car - ABC

  • Desert Run - Worms

  • Snowman Adventures

  • Balloon Boom for kids

  • Heart Reactions

All Games

Balloon Boom Kids Toy Car Slingshot Santa Kids - ABC
Happy Clouds Alien Pig Geo Quiz Snowman Adventures
Fluffy Friends Vampire Nights Kiki Fish Heart Reactions
Desert Worm Movie Quiz Egg Chains Project: Moon
Hapy Balloons
Underwater Apps is a best place to seek and find a best game for your or your childs mobile device, from phones to tablets we got it all covered. We work hard to make games with love and provide best quality possible, making sure you will have hours of well spend time!